About us

Techtopus is an e-commerce software company providing custom platforms for a wide range of retailers.


Techtopus was founded in 2010 by Olivier Beau de Lomenie.

Olivier built his first bespoke enterprise online app in 1995 right after graduating from Stanford University at a time when the interactive web was still in its infancy. Since then, he has constantly been developing new online solutions for a wide range of businesses, industries and markets.


"Olivier built the team that got the Ocado webshop off the ground and scaled it up to become a fully integrated and highly sophisticated retail platform covering all our customer facing operations. He is a real expert in e-commerce both technically and strategically, and the people he choses to work with him are top talents. Knowing what he has achieved for Ocado, I am confident Techtopus is a fantastic partner for any business that needs to harness the power of the internet."
Jason Gissing, co-founder, Ocado